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Build your brand.
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The School was set up to inspire and educate a new generation of business leaders to create a famous brand. Twenty years in industry has provided Linzi with the knowledge to be able to take a business leader from idea to execution. The problem that we are trying to solve is that there are so many brands in a market place today; How does your brand stand out in a crowded space?

Our 6 day programme covers all of the 5 steps in Linzi's book; Discover, Create, Connect, Communicate and Evaluate and we carefully pick a selection of businesses, of which we would like you to be a part of on this journey with us.

Welcome to a journey that will educate and inspire you to find your true purpose, discover your hidden asset and take your business to the next level.

During the overall six-day program you will:

  • Define your hidden assets, building out a bigger value for your business
  • Build a plan from the top-down rather than the bottom-up, enabling investors to see the full picture for growth
  • Understand the activation process for your business to create traction in the plan to position it for scaled growth
  • Understand the numbers that you are building your business to, and where the funding points are required
  • Be given tried and tested tools to become famous within your sector

The BoB School will help you design your brand-led growth plan to build out the bigger value in your business so you can impact a positive shift in the world. Presented by an expert group of business and brand builders this unique six-day program will help you grow your business, achieve the uplift required, and create a higher valuation to scale your business faster and more efficiently.

The BoB School teaches entrepreneurs how to design, build and activate a business strategy based on the foundation of their core brand assets. This unique process will help you build your business and empower you to impact in your industry and make a positive change in the world. You will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity in where you need to go and a combined understanding of how to build out your revenue system for short and long-term income and equity.

Output for the 6 days

Design the end-to-end of the whole of the revenue system for your brand-led growth plan. Brand-Product-Channel-Sales.

Take a look at the journey of 3 of our past students and their experiences of the school More Testimonials

“I wasn’t the only brand on the course, but somehow the course was custom tailored to me - and I don’t know how you manage that”

Bryan Oknyanski, Founder of Shoes by Bryan

"Everything you need to know, about starting an organisation to building it up, taking it to the market and beyond - is in the course"

Tessa Guy, Founder of InMind InBody

Lydia Gerratt: ex-Food Buyer, Waitrose

2 Day DNA for you and your business BOOK NOW

Day 1

Brand asset for growth

  • Understand your vision for growth
  • Today/tomorrow/the future
  • What is the number that you’re building your business value to for scale?
  • Understand how to grow your business from the top down brand-led as opposed to the bottom up sales-led

Discover your industry gap to be a market leader

  • Future map your business looking at the trends and patterns of the industry to navigate your business into future gaps
  • Understand how to make strategic brand choices about the brand and people combined
  • Who are you talking to and how are you talking to them - identify your three key personas

Day 2

Purpose and Profit

  • Understand what you want to be known for and leave people feeling
  • Combine your commercial business with the purpose to build a self-sustaining business model

Uncover your business core asset to become an asset-led growth company and not a product-led business

  • What is the core asset of the business that will drive the valuation of the business in the future?
  • Understand what you are truly in the business of tomorrow and in the future
  • Design your new brand equity storyboard


At the end of the 2 days, you will be able to write out your new brand asset storyboard to move into the four days and build the revenue system that designs out the end-to-end growth system

Full 6-day BoB School – Revenue System BOOK NOW

Day One - Brand

Google Fame – your personal DNA

  • Learn how to turn your profile into an asset
  • Decide where you want to play in the organisational structure to drive awareness
  • Audit your Google fame - How are you showing up on and offline
  • Craft your micro voice to align with the macro voice of the business
  • Write out your personal DNA to build and activate your personal brand plan around


You will have crafted out our micro voice that integrates with the macro voice of the brand DNA.

Day Two: Product

Design your full product system for growth

Product day

  • Understand your 5 key pillars for growth
  • Are you building your business off a need or a habit?
  • Understand the emotional behaviour of the customer and how that ties in with sales
  • Audit your business to understand the products and services you already have
  • Design out the FULL integrated product revenue system around awareness, leverage and scale products


At the end of the two days, you will have designed a fully integrated revenue system that links with the asset.

Day Three: Channel

Build your channels - Your go-to-market plan

  • Design your business to be brand-led and not sales-led
  • Connect with your core brand asset and products revenue system to the channel system
  • Audit the channels that you are selling through today
  • Design a full channel plan around the SAVY system - Sales, Awareness, Value, You
  • Prepare for distribution, leverage off the hero channel to create three tiers of partnerships


Design your go-to-market channel strategy to create a ‘pull’ in the market.

Day Four: Sales

Sales and Campaign

  • Scale for growth - Understand how to spike and maintain revenue growth
  • Design your sales tools for growth - standard and bespoke
  • Create your content around the sales system - BPASV
  • Spike the awareness - design a campaign architecture for scale
  • Create experience - around your brand and you


You will design a fully integrated campaign sales system to spike revenue.

What you will leave with:

  • Design a vision and brand-led growth plan from three pillars - business, brand and people - overlaid with PURPOSE
  • A greater understanding of the value of brand
  • Understand that brand-led and purpose-led businesses grow the fastest
  • Understand brand and branding the difference and how they work together
  • Understand brand culture - importance of building people AND brand together
  • Top-down approach - starting with ‘brand’ to ‘product’ to ‘channel’ to ‘sales’.
  • Personalised brand DNA blueprint
  • Key actions to implement in your business to strengthen and differentiate your brand