"I am convinced there are many people out there who are capable of big things, they just don't know the steps to make it happen" - Linzi Boyd

Linzi Boyd is an International speaker, Author and Founder of Business of Brand.

A serial entrepreneur, Linzi had set and up sold two businesses before the age of 24, her second company (a successful Footwear brand), which had seven global distribution channels, sold to Caterpillar after the shoes were recognised in the design Museum as design classics.

At the age of 25 Linzi was onto her third business, Surgery Group. Over its 15-year history Surgery has become renowned for influencing an industry, creating exciting projects and elevating some of the countries most famous high-street consumer brands that are well respected and known today. A business that once started out as just PR had formed into a group that BUILDS, RENOVATES and REFRESHES brands.

After years of working on building and developing brands in May 2014 Linzi published the No1 best seller, Brand Famous - How to get everyone talking about your business (Globally published by Capstone) which the Chartered institute of Marketing championed, to all its members, as their book of the month.

The methodology used in the book formed the base for BoB School, built for entrepreneurs, business leaders and SMEs. The School has been written to deliver a more in-depth version of the methodology used in the book, taking a brand from idea through to execution in 5 steps. It gives you all of the tried and tested tools and works with you and your business to create brand fame.

Linzi's path to success has been beyond diverse, a mother of two she manages her time between family life and three businesses, and this year she does not plan on slowing it all down.

The likes of Vogue UK and The Telegraph could not have been more precise when claiming Linzi Boyd as being one to watch from a young age. Determination may very well be the best word used to describe this ambitious entrepreneur as she was invited to open up the London Stock Exchange as one of the UK’s most influential female entrepreneurs, and most recently has been proclaimed as #4 in a list of 10 emerging female entrepreneurs to follow on twitter.

Linzi co-founded BoB Group with Darren Shirlaw and today works alongside him and acting as an ambassador in the enterprise market, teaching entrepreneurs how to design, build and activate a brand-led growth plan for bigger valuation and scale, creating the face of modern business.

Now an international speaker, with engagements lined up in Australia and the USA, Linzi has also shared the stage with the Head of YouTube UK and Founder of Insanity at the Festival of Marketing, seen live on BBC News, presented a Masterclass for WE Connect Europe, spoken during Women’s Week at the Northern Power Women Conference and Women of the World Cambridge, and has much more lined up this year. You keep up with her journey and latest events on

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